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Selling my R15 v3 which I bought last year October. Taking very good care of her. **Willing to nego, but please see what I have done so far for my bike and offer a reasonable price** Will let go to shop arnd early November if have no buyer WTT: Super4 Spec3 (willing to top up) Bike is fully paid for. Full cash only, pls source your own loan if needed RFS: Upgrading COE till October 2028 - Only pumped shell VPower and shell 98 - Always parked under MSCP - Change engine oil every 1500km (Motul 300V) - Change oil filter every alternate servicing - Tyres changed to Bridgestone battlax during March - Changed to RK Racing sprocket - DID chain - Always wash two weeks once at detailing shop (Detailworks) ACCESSORIES: - Koso voltmeter - Frame slider with yellow/black camo wrap (OneStopModifications) - Original carbon fiber tank (OneStopModifications) will give stock tank to buyer - Black winglet (OneStopModifications) - Gold Speedy throttle grip (Will give stock grips to buyer) - Gold Speedy handguard - Exhaust cover wrapped with gloss black carbon fiber (Idealdecals) - Aftermarket flush mount smoked signal lights (Will give stock signal lights to buyer) - IU wrapped with punisher logo on carbon fiber (GemokStickerzSG) Personal opinion on the bike: One of the best 2B bikes out there and great for beginner riders. Planned to keep the bike for a Long term but decided to upgrade. Countless of people have told me my bike is beautiful. The bike is ready to go and I have spent nearly 2k to make it look good aesthetically and new owner could add more carbon parts. PM for any questions or to view! Tags: Yamaha, yamaha, yzf, r15, r15 v1, r15 v2, r15 v3, Honda cbr, 150, 155, x1r, krr, tzm, sp, nsr, sports




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