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Super Rare Omega original Japan racing dial and hands! worth S$2000+ if u can even find them Fitted onto “Big Box” Speedmaster! ORIGINAL JAPAN RACING WILL COST U S$20,000 or more! Condition: 9.9/10 - Minimal signs of wear - Bracelet unworn - Flawless Sapphire - Perfect timekeeping! Comes with: - Big box set - Nato strap - Loupe - Strap change tool - Tag - Manual - Guarantee Card & pictogram - Cardholder - Original Black dial - Original White hands - Medallion Specifications: - 42mm Stainless Steel case - Manual winding movement with chronograph - Acrylic crystal - Original Japan racing Dial and hands - Steel bracelet - Twin Trigger release clasp - Solid case-back If you’ve always wanted the ultra rare Speedmaster Japan racing... here is a chance to come really close. So close that there is literally no aesthetic difference to the original. The only way to tell is to cross check the serial number with Omega. With this, you’re able to own and enjoy a “grail” speedmaster for a FRACTION the price! The watch is flawless and is beautiful is every aspect. View to appreciate its gorgeous and eye catching dial! If you do the math : Base watch + Dial + Hands + Labour to swap You’ll know it’s a darn good deal!

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