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[Instock] Phoenix Therapy Massage Gun (Commercial Model)


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📦Instocks: ✔️ 0 Check our other listing for the 2nd generation model! Below are the main differences between both models: 1. Commercial model has a higher force for the 3 different speeds 2. Commercial model has 6 attachments 3. Commercial model larger battery capacity and slightly heavier 4. Commercial model is recommended for athletes and gym goers 5. 2nd Generation model is recommended for females, elderly or people who generally do not want too large force Colours available: Full black, Black with red rear, Silver Additions: Silver hard case +20 Pamper yourself with a well deserved massage after a long day at work! High frequency vibration massage gun to release muscle knots and tension, provide relief for your aching muscles, stimulate blood flow, de-stress and recover! After a day at work, be it sitting long hours in front of the computer or carrying heavy loads, your neck and back might be aching. Use this massage gun to give a deep tissue massage and relief the tension and pain of the area. Worked out hard at the gym and experiencing sore muscles? Fret not, these massage guns would relief it for you! Light weight and ergonomically designed. Low noise and comes with a box with 6 interchangeable attachments for different purpose (refer to pictures). Specifications: 1800, 2400, 3200 rpm Last approximately 3-4 hours Power charger 100-240V, 50Hz, 0.3A Battery 24V DC, Li-on battery, 2400mAh, 1A Type A plug 3 months warranty (shipping fees for any repairs sent back to our manufacturer will be borne by buyer but cost of repair, parts replacement and shipping fee back to Singapore will be covered by us) Things to note: 1. When using, do not put your hand near the rotating parts 2. Do not use other external electrical parts with the massage gun 3. Do not use the gun on your head or place it near hair 4. Strictly for muscle relaxation and not for bone 5. Do not cover the motor to the massage gun as this would impede heat dissipation 6. Stay on each muscle area for not more than 60 seconds 7. As a safety feature and to prolong battery life, the gun will switch off automatically after 10minutes, just switch it on again. As the gun rest, you should rest too! Order takes 7-14 business days to arrive ✔️ PM me for more information or to order ✔️ Your satisfaction guaranteed Tags: Pain, Relief, Sports, Physio, Fascia, Massage, Wellness, Fitness, Health, Foam Roller, Massage Ball, Percussive, Percussion

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