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How can your brand use social media as a leverage in the modern world? I am here to rid all your headaches of social media problems, increase engagement rate with the end goal of increasing sales. Some of the services I provide are the following. 1) Competitors analysis I will find out what your competitors are doing, analyse the data and see what works and what doesn't. This information would enable me to craft a strategy that is suited for your brand. 2) Social Listening I will find out what people are talking about the industry your brand is in and what people are talking about your competitors. This would allow your brand to leverage on the information to improve and stay above. 3) Content Planning Postings should be a consistent effort, regardless with campaigns or without to keep your fans engaged and updated. Content planning is inclusive of advertisement campaigns as well. 4) Community Management I will come up with a standard reply for your social media enquires and help you respond to the comments online. 5) Secondary Market Research I have database such as Euromonitor, Marketline advantage, Statista and Ebsco to conduct market research which will allow me to help you strategise your long term goal and short term tactics. 6) Page growth Analysis Assisting the brand to keep track of the growth to be able to know if the strategy is on track and to know if the efforts are increasing engagement rate. 7) Influencer Selection If you're looking for influencers to promote your product/service, I am here to assist you in looking for one. There are so many things you can do to increase your brand awareness with the end goal of increasing sales! I was once an executive of an agency (Top 100 SME) in Dubai. They are currently part of a bigger agency with worldwide presence. With my work experience overseas, I am able to bring a different skillset to the table. Feel free to view my Work In progress website The website contains all my social handles. My focus is on client servicing and currently I am also expanding my knowledge on the creative side (videography, photography and post-production). Below are some brands I have worked on previously: Sony Daimler MG Betty Crocker Singapore Tourism Board Activision Fiji I will be able to show what I have done previously only to interested clients. I will not be able to show the current brands I am working for. I promise to give my best for every project. ** Per job is based on what the client wants. Prices are up for discussion

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