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Fabric ($489), PU Leather ($489) & Nappa Leather ($749). Purchase our chairs and receive the following items FREE 1. R&D-based lumbar support ($69) 2. Delivery and assembly ($59) 3. Custom embroidered logo ($20) We are having a limited time offer, trade in your old gaming chair for $50 dollar off the fabric and PU series, $100 off our nappa series! Royale Ergonomics provides the opportunity for individuals and businesses to create an office/gaming chair that is unique. You will be able to choose the colours of the chair as well as have your very own logo embroidered on. Visualize how your chair will be turn out by heading over to our website and start designing your own chair. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, we make a conscious effort to ensure that our chair is also functionally superior. We use automotive-grade materials for the upholstery for all our chairs. We provide 3 materials for our chairs. Fabric, PU leather and Nappa leather. Each material is sourced from the best suppliers from around the world. Our materials are used by reputable brands such as Honda, Recaro and Jaguar. Our materials are extremely durable and resistant to common issues caused by wear and tear. Furthermore, our materials are also low maintenance with minimum effort required to keep it looking pristine. We have also invested heavily into R&D and co-designed our chair with Transcal to ensure that the chairs are ergonomic. The pride of our study, which has been approved by the UK governement, is our lumbar support. The lumbar support is crafted to provide comfort during long hours of gaming and work. Do not hesitate to drop us a message if you have any queries. We will be more than happy to assist you. You can drop by our showroom at 11 Recreation Lane or reach me via whatsapp through +(65) 9062 4026. Tags Secretlab, Apol, DXRacer, noble, Omega, Titan, Herman Miller, Steelcase, back pain ache

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