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Selling more than the items in the picture! Please look below. 1) Froot Loop Scent $2.50 10ml 2) Shaving cream Gillete $3.50 3) Daiso Clay ( State any colour you want ) $2.50 4) 8oz borax $12 5) Borax activator 500ml $7 6) Popular 6 coloured glitter $4.50 5) Star pink/yellow charms $1/ per 6) 4oz container $4/per 10 7) SLIME SET A [ BUTTER ] • 4oz of activator • Clay • Charm • 4oz white glue 8) SLIME SET B [ THICK AND GLOSSY ] • 10oz white glue • Baby oil 50ml • 4oz of activator • Popular 6 coloured glitter • Charms ( Baby pacifier, star, unicorn horn ) Choose 1 9) SLIME SET C [ CLOUD ] • 4oz white glue • 4oz of activator • 1 snow packet • ( Any colour of your choice )colouring • Charms *Note* : •For beginners, I advice you to go for set A or B. For experienced slimers, go ahead for set C! •If any slimes dont work/fail, it is not my fault and I will not be liable. •All items are not measured so please dont just dump everything into 1 bowl and mix! •Feel free to ask for advice on how to make slime from my kit. •Activators are not homemade, they are bought. Activators from my slime kit are NOT made from borax. Quote your items! [ STOREWIDE DISCOUNTS ] ☆ Every purchase of $20 will get free mystery gift worth $5 ☆ Storewide 10% off if you purchased my items for the second time ☆ Every purchase of $30 will get free 12oz jiggly slime ☆ Every purchase of slime sets comes with free borax

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