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Bicycle Spokes


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Prices are fix non neg payment in advance via Paylar J pull double butted spokes treated black Scandvik stainless material both end 2.0 mm and 1.8mm in the middle section thus saving weight Length from 255mm to 295mm J pull single butted spokes treated black J pull end is 2.3mm Length from 100 mm to 310mm Fully payment is required as spoke will be custom length and threaded and will not be refunded if no show or your own wrong information of spokes length provided Mail order available for per set of spokes Non registered mail $6 Registered mail $8 Spokes price $99 set of 64 spokes- $60 for 32 Spokes including brass nipple silver coated included Spoke price $117 set of 72 spokes including brass nipples silver coated For per spoke order is $1.7including silver nipples Black brass nipples each $0.40 Black colour treated brass nipples add $30 to the total value of spoke Door to door delivery add $10 per set of spokes 2 set of spokes add $20 ,3rd set add $30 Kindly WhatsApp 97895334 for discussion #wheel builder # bicycle spokes#custom spokes# double butted spokes# scandvik spokes#professional wheel builder #DT swiss wheel builder# spoke cutting#wheel buildings #carbon rim#700c#fixie# 650c #27.5#29er#bmx#DT 240s hub #lefty#cannondale #cannondale lefty CUSTOM WHEEL BUILDING WITH ONE YEAR WARRANTY , DO NOT COVER ACCIDENT AND CHAIN SKIP WARRANTY NOT TRANSFERABLE There is no coverage for 20/24 spokes Labour a pair is $100 Labour for one wheel is $60 UST rims will have either no nipple holes in the rim tire bed (carbon rims) different charges Spokes for pair is $100 Spokes one wheel is $60 Silver brass coated is free Black brass nipple add $30 for a set of wheels Black brass nipple add $15 for one wheel All spokes are custom cut forge thread and precisely measure to provide maximum support Spokes use scandvik treated black stainless Double butted spokes J pull spokes 2.0-1.8-2.0 451 wheel set only straight guage

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